Who we are

Top Director

With over 15 years of professional video experience, working with Sony & Warner Bros.

RED Equipment

Specializing with all RED cameras for over a decade, manifesting original looks.

Versatile Images

Working with the most talented DP's in America, creating Music Videos, Commercials & Films.

Eye Catching

Creating an experience for an audience who seeks attention to detail in storytelling.

Our Experience

Over 15 Years of Experience

Glass Dagger Film Co was founded in 2018 by a few industry professionals who felt stagnant, bored and kind of just tired of the same old same old with what was being created. So we decided to form a company producing content we felt fit our aesthetic. We're obsessed with creating cool shit, and years of industry experience have taught us that the difference between good enough and amazing, is all in the details.

"An Incredible Experience"

"Working with the Glass Dagger company has been an incredible journey from start to finish every time. We have been engaged with their production team for a few years now and every project has been perfection."

Darren Kapahi

"Collaborations are the best!"

"Working with Jon and his crew reminded me of why I got into the entertainment industry over a decade ago. Creating work I’m proud of and enjoying the process of creating it."

Kelly Harris

"Professional-Grade Cinematography"

"One of the most authentic and driven producers I’ve ever seen. If you want a truly professional-grade cinematography experience look no further. I highly recommend."

Timothy Roberts
Online Fitness Coach